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Learn to walk with God

Invite God’s presence, truth, and wisdom into your daily life

How the SOAP Bible study method works.

The SOAP Bible study method is simply a way to apply God's truth to your life. Any time you're about to open God's word, ask God to open your heart and guide you through his truth. When you're ready to begin reading, you can use this acronym to guide your attention:


A SOAP study doesn't have to be long or take a long time to help you apply God's truth to your life. Here's an example that may help. And remember that spending time in God's word isn't about checking a box — it's about spending time with and getting to know the One who loves you and created you.

How to choose a reading plan

The plans on this website are structured with five reading days per week to give grace and flexibility. New plans are published on a regular basis. If you're not sure where to start, here are some recommendations:


Explore Paul's letter to the Galatians as he explains what it means to walk by faith and trust completely in Jesus' salvation.


Walk through the gospel of Mark and follow Jesus' story. If you're interested in learning more about who Jesus, this is a good plan to start with.


Dive into God's wisdom. Getting to know God's truth is a starting point in knowing him better and practically walking with him. 

How to do a SOAP study with friends


Get a group together

Find a few friends who are interested in digging into the Bible and knowing God more.


Pick a reading plan

Pray about where God is leading you and pick a reading plan that works for your group.


Grow together

Send your daily SOAP study to each other as you apply God's wisdom to your life.

Studying the Bible is an incredible opportunity, and it gets even better when we study in community. By walking through a reading plan with a few friends, you will learn from the insights that others notice as they read the same passage, have accountability to keep up with the plan and find consistent time with God, and build closer relationships as you journey through scripture together.

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