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The SOAP Studies Story

A few years ago I was invited to join a group of guys on a SOAP study. Someone put together a reading plan, shared it with the group, and then five days a week we shared our SOAP study with each other through a messaging app.

I had never done a SOAP study before, but the format was so simple and approachable that it was easy to dive in, and I was almost instantly hit with the transparency in the group and each person's hunger to know God more. We finished the first study and continued going through books of the Bible.

A few things stood out to me through this experience. The invitation to join in the group was warm and genuine — I felt welcome. The experience of reading God's Word with a group opened my eyes to other insights that I hadn't picked up in my own reading. Through community, I was being pointed to more facets of God's character and heart. And finally, the community led to an accountability that made me hungry to spend time in the Word, not feeling like I was checking a box. 

I've had the opportunity to do SOAP studies with a few groups of men, and each time the experience is the same. I am so thankful for the men who have shared their hearts and insights. I've been encouraged and sharpened by their friendship and faithfulness. 

During one SOAP journey, a friend asked where I got the reading plans for the SOAP studies we were doing. I explained that with each reading plan I mapped out a schedule for the reading and shared it with the group through an Evernote link. Over time (and a few more reading plans) this question stuck with me, and I wondered if there were other people who would benefit from these reading plans. 

I'm excited to put these reading plans out there for you to use. My prayer is that you'll have a hunger for God's truth, that you'll find — or create — community around being in the Bible, and that the Holy Spirit will speak to you and lead you to Jesus. 

Happy reading!